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Waste Management

Improve your Triple Bottom Line

A 5-day programme in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Dates: 9th - 13th October 2017
Venue: Newcastle-upon-Tyne Fee: £2,350 plus VAT

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This introductory Waste Management course incorporates the IEMA Resource Efficiency programme and an IEMA Certificate is awarded following successful completion of the end-of course examination.

The cost of waste is not simply the cost of discarded materials.  It includes inefficient use of resources, faulty products, waste treatment and wasted labour.  The financial cost to your company of poor waste management could be as high as 10% of turnover.

Forward-looking businesses understand that the bottom line is now a triple bottom line.  They measure success by combining the usual financial metrics with measurable standards of environmental stewardship and social responsibility. 

And waste management is key to improving the triple bottom line.

The imperative is not just to comply with increasingly stringent national and international regulation.  Disposing of waste carefully and ethically benefits the environment and the people where you operate: people who may be your customers or employees, and who will certainly advocate for your business if they see you behaving responsibly.
We have designed this course for staff new to waste management concepts as well as experienced managers of waste disposal facilities and projects.  Participants are likely to be drawn from maintenance management, storage, transport and logistics departments with responsibility for management of industrial, commercial and domestic waste.

This introductory course includes several site visits.  It incorporates the IEMA Resource Efficiency programme and an IEMA Certificate is awarded following successful completion of the end-of course examination. 

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Give a general overview of environmental management issues and systems
  • Apply the underlying principles of waste management in their own organisation
  • Use tools and techniques to develop appropriate waste disposal policies and procedures
Topics covered will include: 
  • Global Environmental Issues
  • Waste Concepts and Definitions
  • Trends in Waste Legislation
  • Summary of Waste Legislation
  • Waste Management Options, including landfill, incineration and composting
  • Programme for Contaminated Land
  • Duty of Care and the Transfer of Waste
  • Handling Hazardous Waste
  • Dealing with Packaging and Packaging Waste (Producer Responsibility Packaging Waste)?
  • Waste Minimisation (Overview of Waste Minimisation)

  • Individual waste streams:
    • Batteries
    • Clinical Waste
    • Construction and Demolition Waste
    • Electrical and Electronic Equipment
    • End of Life Vehicles
    • Asbestos Containing Materials
    • Glass
    • Metals
    • Waste Oils
    • Ozone Depleting Substances
    • Paper
    • Polychlorinated Biphenyls Management

  • Waste minimisation:
    • Collecting and Analysing Data
    • Identifying Opportunities for Reducing Waste
    • Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving
    • Generating Opportunities into Targets
    • Evaluating Targets
    • Feedback and Communication (Procedure for Consultation and Communication)
    • The course will be interactive and participative. There will be many minor and major exercises and case study syndicate activities.
There will be an End of Course Examination leading to the IEMA Resource Efficiency Certificate.
This course will be conducted in the English language.

Testimonial from a satisfied participant

"This course was very useful, and it was good that we had site visits."
Gulsim, E&P Company, Kazakhstan

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