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Time Management

Contribute more to your company and improve the quality of your personal life by developing greater control of your time and workload.

A 1 to 3 day course.

Dates: For in-house delivery. Please enquire.
Venue: Fee: To be agreed.

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A programme for new and experienced managers and professionals who believe they could contribute more to their company and improve the quality of their personal lives if they developed greater control of their time and workload.
Participants are challenged to evaluate their current approach to managing their priorities and dealing with multiple assignments.
The programme addresses these issues at a time when work complexity and expectations are increasing whilst work outcomes are still needing to be thorough and accurate as well as being delivered on time.

At the end of the programme, students will be able to:
  • Identify the current constraints on properly time managing their workload
  • Apply a range of good practice measures to manage their time more effectively.
  • Identify ways in which working and lifestyle practices and behaviour can change to better manage their time.
This course will be conducted in the English language.

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