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The Principles of Problem Solving and Decision Making:

Techniques that support the latest concepts for Creative and Critical Thinking to master problem solving and decision making.

A 3-day Masterclass

Dates: Please enquire to
Venue: Supply Chain Academy, Upminster, London (UK) Fee: £995 plus VAT - Book 4 delegates or more and save 20%

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Every person in the workplace is charged with reacting to and identifying problems, determining an approach to their resolution and then engaging in the decision making process to realise these solutions.

This course provides participants with the tools to work through this process in a credible manner and to develop skills in problem identification, evaluation and resolving decision making that brings value to the organisation.

The course also leads its participants through the engaging experience of tapping into their creativity; developing emerging ideas; evaluating the viability of these ideas through processes of critical thinking; linking in the synergistic potential of working with others and channeling the resulting strategies into reality.

Incorporating the profiling of personal thinking styles and comparisons with the styles and impact of colleagues and the drivers of thinking preferences, participants will experience the power of positive thinking and communication approaches.

This course provides participants with a process to engage modern creative and critical thinking to the evaluation of problems and the resulting generation and implementation of effective decision making.

Participants will explore the latest thinking and techniques of this area of creative decision making and will be able to establish a sound portfolio of competency that will provide a firm foundation for the future

Decision-making is at the core of all administration and management roles and this course will benefit all people who either require foundation skills or need to be able to take a wider perspective to their resolutions, approaches that will engage creative as well as critical thinking techniques.

Course Attendees:
This course is designed for all employees who hold responsibility for evaluating information which often has emerged as a "problem", and for making judgements that will result in a decision.
By the end of the course, participants will:
  • Understand how different factors might influence problem solving in the workplace.
  • Understand and recognise different decision making styles.
  • Understand different thinking styles, creative drivers and preferences.
  • Recognise the way in which decisions are made.
  • Apply a balanced approach towards creative thinking and the generation of optimal decision making.
  • Identify an Action Plan to stimulate increased Creative and Critical Thinking for decision making in the their own area of the workplace
This course will be conducted in the English language.

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