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Team Management, Development and Leadership

How to get your project, or other, team working effectively and harmoniously.

How to deliver enhanced results by developing and leading high performance teams.

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Venue: Supply Chain Academy, Upminster, London (UK) Fee: £1,975 plus VAT - Book 4 delegates or more and save 20%

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Teams are a critical component of organisational performance. However, research indicates that genuinely high performing teams are rare. The complexity of the modern organisation presents massive barriers to the development of truly effective team performance.
Simply bringing together a group of highly skilled people and then expecting them to deliver will not generate the desired results. Building and developing high performing teams takes discipline, rigour and hard work. Teams have the potential to produce outstanding outcomes that cannot be achieved through individual efforts.

Every team experiences its own unique journey.  There are many variables that affect the team and its performance including: the background and experience of team members; the tasks and targets of the team; its working environment; organisational structure and culture; the quality of its management and leadership. This programme will help managers to understand the complexity of teams and to develop their leadership in order to deliver superior performance from teams.


This programme is designed for those who need to improve the effectiveness of a team, whether they manage, lead or participate in a team responsible for either a specific project or for an on-going team at any level of the organisation.
By the end of the programme delegates will be better able to:
  • Identify the key characteristics of high performance teams, and understand the catalysts and barriers that impact on effective team working.
  • Understand different kinds of groups and teams and choose management approaches to get the best from them.
  • Proactively shape the development of the team, recognising the factors that affect team development.
  • Evaluate and influence the environment within which the team operates including the impact and influence of its sponsors.
  • Be able to determine the strengths and talents of the team.
  • Describe their own preferred role when working in a team.
  • Identify factors that are critical to the team"s success and plan ahead to develop the team to deliver success.
  • Manage the performance of individuals and the team as a whole to raise the level of team results.
  • Understand how best to coach the team to develop performance outcomes.
  • Choose their leadership style effectively to get the best results according to the needs of the team and team members.
  • Review team organisation, management and leadership and design an approach that will facilitate achievement of the team’s targets.
  • Contribute to high impact team meetings, whether this is as a team member or as a team leader/project manager.
  • Understand and positively manage conflict situations within teams.
The learning will be highly interactive with sub-group activities, case studies and experiential exercises.  The programme will be delivered in a flexible manner to take account of specific team challenges facing participants.

All participants will give and receive feedback on their effectiveness and be expected to devise an Action Plan of learning application for when they return to their place of work.

This course includes the opportunity to learn about the Insights Discovery® Model

Open and in-company courses available in the UK or in your country
This course is available for in-house delivery if required.

This course will be conducted in the English language.

Testimonial from a satisfied participant

"The course was well taught and is a must for prospective Team Managers and existing ones who want to lead high performing teams in their organisation."
John Opara, Trustfund Pensions plc

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Just a few of the companies that have sent people on this course.

Trustfund Pensions plc, Abuja.
Total E&P Nigeria Ltd
Power and Water Utility Company for Jubail & Yanbu Marafiq, SA

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