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Practical Purchasing Skills - theory, practice and techniques

Practical tips, tools & techniques that can be applied in the procurement & supply of materials and equipment.

The 'what' can be done, the 'how', and by 'whom' of the total purchasing process.

A 5-day Workshop

Dates: 23rd - 27th July 2018
Venue: Supply Chain Academy, Upminster, London (UK) Fee: £1,975 plus VAT - Book 4 delegates or more and save 20%

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Building on the general good-business principles for purchasing an organisation’s requirements, this course exposes a range of tools and techniques that are aimed at reducing costs, achieving faster process times and improved overall performance of the organisation’s total procurement process.
Good interaction of various functions / departments is essential if these objectives are to be achieved.  The purchasing department alone can not gain all the potential benefits that are often available to an organisation. Typically, faster process times can allow the company to operate with lower levels of stock-holding whilst still giving the required service level to the users of the materials.
But this requires staff in several departments to recognise what they can do to help reduce process times – and contribute to cost-saving initiatives.
The course is of a ‘workshop’ style - and uses a number of case studies and practical exercises to demonstrate the tools & techniques being addressed. 

This course is designed for
  • Staff with some existing experience in the procurement & supply of materials & equipment of a technical nature who need to explore other ways of working.
  • Technical staff who have need for - and specify - the items, as well as front-line staff in purchasing, inventory and warehouse activities.
  • Staff in a position to introduce different strategies and tactics to their organisation’s existing procurement & supply procedures – typically senior supervisors / middle managers earmarked for promotion. These might include staff in Finance & Quality Management roles.
By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:
  1. Identify various techniques to reduce the costs of – and time taken in – making purchases of materials & equipment.
  2. Understand the need to determine the key data to be provided and requested in an bid enquiry document.
  3. Apply to a Purchase Order the most appropriate level of Expediting to get on-time delivery of the items.
  4. Recognise the benefits to Purchasing through having feedback during the operational & disposal phases of the purchased items.
  5. Consider opportunities to automate various activities within the purchasing and inventory management processes.
  6. Recognise the metrics to be considered in order to measure purchasing and supply performance effectively.
The workshop topics will include and introduce cost & time-saving techniques in areas such as:
  • The costs and time taken to obtain materials and equipment – applying suitable tactics.
  • Defining the purchase requirements to minimise prices paid and reduce the total lead time.
  • Supplier selection for bidding including the role of supplier appraisal / pre-qualification.
  • Development of Enquiry / RFP packages sent to bidders – what to tell the bidders / what to ask for.
  • Preparation of Bid Evaluation plans covering technical, commercial and quality considerations.
  • Performing bid evaluations aimed at finding the ‘best’ offer.
  • Applying the right levels of expediting and quality control that achieve on-time delivery of items meeting the stated specification.
  • Monitoring the performance of purchased items when in use – and learning for the future.
  • How purchasing decisions influence the warehousing & storage costs.
  • Inventory management – how decisions are made, optimising stock levels, looking at alternatives.
  • Automating the processes – harnessing the power of modern electronic technology.
  • Measuring procurement & supply performance.
  • Business process re-engineering

Open and in-company courses available in the UK or in your country

This course will be conducted in the English language.

Testimonial from a satisfied participant

"This course provides an excellent practical insight into procurement best practices and is delivered in an interacting engaging manner by seasoned experienced presenters (PDO, Oman)

You will learn a lot about purchasing, order process, bid evaluation, prourement planning and supplier appraisal.  ( Drilling Materials Expeditor, Burren RPL.)

A Master Class course by a highly experienced course director. (Assistant Manager, Unity Bank plc)


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Petroleum Development Oman

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