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Notes for Nominators

Welcome to this facility, which is designed to be used primarily by people who are responsible for sending staff on our courses. People with titles such as "Training Coordinator", "Training Manager", "Overseas Training Supervisor" etc.

The aim of this page is to keep you informed of any new developments, such as date changes or new course titles, and to re-state some important principles about how we operate.

In short - this page is intended to help you and to make using
our service even easier!



Our COURSE CALENDAR for 2015 is now available and available to accept bookings. 

The Calendar lists each course title with a link to the course description page, when and where it is planned to run and offers a direct link to the online booking form.


This enables us to start the administrative process early, especially if a UK visa will need to be applied for. 



Priority Client registration is intended bring a range of benefits to our regular users and not-so regular users alike!

The most immediate benefit for many users is the "auto-complete" facility, which automatically and accurately populates the main company identity fields in the booking form.

When you make a booking on one of our courses we need to gather quite a lot of information in order for us to confirm the booking, generate joining instructions and manage the payment process. Auto-complete reduces the repetitive effort of giving your company details for each nomination, leaving only the personal details of the trainee to be filled in.

Other benefits of registration include occasional special offers and advance notice of changes, as well as enabling us to focus on providing you with the best possible service.  

The CP Training Service Ethic

We aim to make your experience as a client as easy and as

enjoyable as possible.

Ours is a "can do" philosophy whereby whenever we are asked for something that is at all possible we respond positively.

The client is always right!

(Having said that, if ever we can't comply with your wishes for reasons beyond our control, we will seek to offer an acceptable alternative.)


Watch this space for details of new courses that have been introduced for 2015

With the ever increasing technical advances, our New Course E-Procurement: How to run Develop and Run and Effective E-Procurement Process - is now open for bookings. 

Led by one of our specialist Senior Associates, who has had extensive experience of helping organisations design and implement this approach,  participants will be able to develop a key range of skills and knowledge that may be applied to meaningful benefit when they return to their organisations.


Money Back Guarantee


This is a subject that is occasionally raised before people attend a course - but never afterwards!

If ever you feel the training experience your colleague has received is unacceptable we will refund their fee.

All we ask is that you give us a clear explanation of how we have failed so that we can learn from the experience.

(Fortunately we can tell you that in the 17 years we have been in business this problem has never arisen - not once!)

Language of Tuition


Our public courses are delivered in English. 

Our trainers are well experienced in delivering training to people from very diverse and international backgrounds, and with quite significant variations in their abilities with the English language. 

Generally any problems with language can be managed in the classroom with fully satisfactory outcomes. However, at the end of the day it is the nominator's responsibility to ensure the trainee possesses a level of English that will enable them to benefit from attending the course.

British Accreditation Council for independent further and higher education proud to be a member of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry CBI Member