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How to Maximise the Impact of HR Operations

Evaluating the latest  trends and  expectations on HR Department  operations.

Ensure that your HR practitioners and key line managers have the skills to develop and fulfil their roles, despite the emerging challenges on your organisation.

A 5-day course

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Venue: Central London Centre Fee: £2,635 plus VAT

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The demand from organisations for HR to add and deliver value has never been greater.  It is crucial that HR continues to maintain its relevance in today’s turbulent environment. 

Dave Ulrich said that HR should not be measured by what it does, but by what it delivers. A busy HR department does not make for an effective one.

Aimed at HR practitioners who wish to take stock of options, the focus of this programme is to examine the varied roles that HR has to perform to ensure smooth running of the corporation. 

The programme strikes a balance between being reflective and pragmatic. It will give delegates a chance to think about the current practices that are used in HR and test their relevance for today and for the future.

Additionally the programme will give time to work with the tools required to improve impact and effectiveness.

This course is designed for:
  • HR professionals who want to improve and build upon their competencies in up-to-the-minute HR operational techniques aimed at improving HR impact
  • Non-HR operational supervisors or managers who require developing a greater understanding of HR in order to aid departmental performance and to further their range of competencies.
At the end of the course, participants will be better able to:
  • Work with their insights into where greater impact can be achieved
  • Review and change processes that are not helping HR or the rest of the organisation to deliver against business objectives
  • Describe the critical alignment between business direction and HR activities
  • Work with line managers to ensure effectiveness of employees including aspects of development and succession
  • Describe how performance management processes, including talent development, can be used to improve individual and organisational effectiveness.
  • Choose from a range of tools to enhance internal operations and ultimately add value to the organisation

Topics Covered will be drawn from the following:
  • The Scope of the HR function in the 21st century
  • Organisational culture and the role HR has in shaping it
  • Stakeholder evaluation and mapping
  • An evaluation of essential HR procedures and their meaningful application:
    • Recruitment and Retention
    • Developing employees
    • Role evaluation and appraisals
    • Performance management
    • Organisational Influences and practices
    • Managing talent and succession planning
    • Coaching and mentoring

This course is available for in-house delivery if required.

This course will be conducted in the English language.

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