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How to Manage Multiple Tasks and Time Effectively in The Supply Chain

Contribute more to your company and become more fulfilled by understanding the real drivers on TIME.  

A 1-day intense workshop.

Dates: Please enquire to
Venue: Supply Chain Academy, Upminster, London (UK) Fee: £395.00 Plus VAT - Book 4 delegates or more and save 20%

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In today's business environment, it is probable that demands on you are ever increasing, especially if you are working with and supporting a number of colleagues.  Everyone expects results almost instantaneously and it's all perceived as 'urgent'.

Learning techniques of how to manage your time, to prioritise your work and respond effectively in managing multiple tasks are some of the essential skills for everyone in the workplace.

We all know the stresses that we can experience when we can't seem to get this balance right.  We also know it's about working 'Smarter' and not harder - but that's easier said than done.

This workshop is for everyone  -  we all need some guidance in this arena at various stages in our careers.

Learn how to recognise the time thieves and time barriers.  

There is no 'one way' to managing these challenges - each persons' situation is different and very real for them personally.  This workshop equips you with a series of tactics and techniques that you can draw on to generate your own time and prioritising strategy.
This workshop is designed for:  anyone and everyone that needs guidance and support in their management of multiple tasks and time frames, especially for those in highly demanding working environments such as sales and front line operations. 
At the end of the programme, participants will have:
  • Gained the ability to understand time from a new perspective
  • Established current constraints on properly time managing their workload
  • Understood how to apply a range of good practice measures to manage their time more effectively
  • Learned about the impact of their time on colleagues time, and tactics to achieve more cohesion of workload levels
  • Recognised the amount of personal stress that time issues can cause on individuals
  • Developed a personal action plan to realise better workload balance and to meet realistic deadlines
This course will be conducted in the English language.

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