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How to Conduct a Meeting

Attendance at Meetings may take up in excess of 40% of many executives work time.

a 1 or 2 day Course

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Attendance at Meetings may take up in excess of 40% of many executives work time, so it is essential that those responsible for Conducting a Meeting ensure that this time is used effectively and progressively.

This course considers the fundamentals of preparing, organising, conducting and reviewing a successful meeting, and considers techniques to assist in this undertaking.

Programme Outcomes:
By the end of the programme students will:
 Be aware of the key framework for the overall management of an Effective Meeting
 Be aware of the different roles required in achieving this effective meeting and be competent in selecting the right individual to fulfil each of these roles.
 Understand their own talents (and non-talents) in Meeting Management and to be able to apply these talents to the greatest effect.
 Recognise the importance of the procedural impact on meetings and be aware of the range of approaches available for recording the details of the meeting event. .
 Have developed a personal action plan to make a meaningful and measurable difference in their role in conducting effective meetings.

The core topics of the programme will be:
  • Why do we need a Meeting
  • The Importance of Venue and Facilities
  • The Importance of Preparation
  • The Meeting Event
  • The Follow-up
This course will be conducted in the English language.

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