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Conflict Resolution

This Three-day programme provides participants with the tools to face and resolve conflicts in a win-win manner.

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Venue: Supply Chain Academy, Upminster, London (UK) Fee: £995 plus VAT - Book 4 delegates or more and save 20%

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The challenge in managing Conflicts is to differentiate between harmful conflicts and those that may be channelled to realise better solutions. It is well recognised that some conflict is considered a good thing as it generates dialogue to create more synergistic outcomes, leading to better ideas and business solutions.

By contrast, harmful conflict, which is often evident in organisations, if unresolved, blocks collaboration, and ability to implement strategy and create value. This lost potential value, even if not on the balance sheet, is costing your company in terms of unrealised potential for greater effectiveness and goal achievement.

The programme develops the self-awareness of the participant to enable the utilisation of techniques for conflict handling, and embracing an understanding of different conflict drivers and their emotional implications. Programme Outcomes: At the end of the programme, students will be able to:

  1. Identify the principle causes of conflict in the workplace.
  2. Outline a range of strategies for resolving specific conflict situations
  3. Differentiate between conflict situations which are potentially harmful and those that could be channelled to useful effect.
  4. Identify long-term measures to securing a conflict-free workplace.
The core topics of the programme will be:
  • Understanding conflict
  • Self-awareness in conflict situations
  • Conflict assessment and evaluation
  • The Communication Challenge
  • Developing Constructive Resolutions
  • Managing Emotional Implications
  • Devising an Action Plan for more effective conflict management.
This course will be conducted in the English language.

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