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Contract Management Training

Project Management Series: Understanding Communication Whilst Communicating Understanding

1 Nov
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By on November 1, 2016

Formal Project Management has been around for thousands of years dating as far back even to The Great Wall of China. As with every project the ancient builders and project managers encountered the same challenges that every Project Manager faces today (this of course without the risk of death!). The same could be said for successful projects; […]

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Collaboration in SCM

19 May
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By on May 19, 2014

Over the years, many technologies have evolved to support both asynchronous and real-time collaboration. Most of the older technologies, such as teleconferencing, video conferencing, e-mail, etc., have major limitations that lower their value in product development environments. The newer and still-evolving technologies that enable PLM allow the management of product information and the processes that […]

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9 May
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By on May 9, 2013

Are your Sales people up to driving the best deals with professional buyers in today’s tough business world? Increase profits, Close more sales and build those revenue streams – Here’s some Oscar performing tips from NRI (Negotiation Resource International) which will increase your power in any sales negotiation. NRI will introduce you to the structure […]

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New Year Registrations now being accepted….

22 Jan
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By on January 22, 2013

The 2013 calendar of training courses is now open for bookings. As in previous years, the courses provide valuable skills development training across our specialist services including: Contracting and Procurement: Logistics and Transport Management: Supply Chain Management: HR Management: Business Management: Click on any of the above to see the range of training courses on […]

Latest News

What is Contract Management?

13 Apr
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By on April 13, 2012

What is Contract Management? For many organizations who contract out, our out-source any of their activities, contract success is not achieved when the contract is awarded.  In many respects the contract award stage is the easier element of the process – the real challenge is then how you manage the contract after its award.  Contract […]

Contracting and Procurement, Managing the Business

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